There is no point taking time to meet with clients, consult with them and work in partnership with them, only for the project to be launched and an integral part of the consultation process has been missed out or misinterpreted. What’s this integral part of the consultation process we hear you ask? The integral part in question is finding out how much administration your website will require? And who will be required to carry out the admin duties?

We recognise that no two companies are the same; even companies in the same industry sector have different approaches and ideas as to how they operate and function. Our CentrumMANAGE programme has been developed to give you the option of completely outsourcing your website maintenance if you don’t have the resources in house.

With CentrumMANAGE the decision is yours. Want to manage your own website? No problem, we will still host it on our dedicated onsite server, register your domain name, provide the CMS Licence and user training. Don’t have the time or resources to maintain certain aspects of website administration? Again, no problem we can share the load and outline exactly what we will do for you.

Heres the biggie, you would like consultation on web development – Check, you want a site that is user friendly – Check, you want a web media company that delivers – Check, and you want a company that can administer every single minute detail of your website from Search Engine Optimisation and ongoing SEO reviews, to updating web copy, images, files, news, adding sub pages, manage e-marketing campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Product Catalogue Management, basically you need the works – our CentrumMANAGE programme takes in a range of packages that can be tailored and modified to fit your exact needs.