SEO {Search Engine Optimisation} We’ve all heard it mentioned, we all think we know what it is. A whole bunch of undocumented procedures to get your site to the top of the search engines, and only the select few know what they are.. If only it was a simple as that. SEO is a procedure that has now probably extended well beyond its own descriptive name and onto many different smaller side roads, that only when combined create a website that’s rewarded with far greater search engine exposure.

CentrumSEO is a service product we have created to allow you to maximise your websites search engine placement. We can guarantee your website traffic from search engine organic searches will increase, and in many instances increase by numbers that you could only imagine.
CentrumSEO is more than just a product though, it can also be one of the most interesting pieces of education that any website owner will benefit from. We don’t just go away and carry out all those mentioned undocumented secrets. No, we work with you, everything we do is explained and in many cases we work with you one to one - the ‘undocumented’ secret is finally out, you’ll find out everything!

Isn’t it just a matter of putting together some keywords?

SEO services have long moved on from the days where website search engine optimisation efforts rarely went beyond the tweaking of a few tags. Tags, keywords, page titles are all still used, and very much an important part of SEO but this is only one area that merits your concern.

Our SEO product will take you through countless procedures, marketing research, competitor analysis, organic tendencies and industry review, and all this before a single keyword or tag has been adjusted! But this is only the start. We then explain and teach numerous methods of search engine targeted methods that attract search engines and won't let them leave empty handed.

You might wonder why we work with you through all this, why we are exposing all the secrets that you’d expect us to keep hidden? We’ll the answer is simple. We can’t do it without you, nobody can. There is so much more to SEO than website tweaking - true SEO or for a better phrase Search Engine Targeting is a collection of things that can be done using web technologies to increase your websites exposure.

Ongoing Benefits

Websites are dynamic, new content being added continuously, the website world doesn’t stand still, neither will your competitors and neither should you. By working with us you will learn how best to create website content, what exactly attracts visitors. If your SEO undertaken was a one off exercise, then it would quickly expire and soon become tired. By working with us, finding out all the tricks we use to attract traffic, you can be sure your optimisations never tire, but we don’t just show what to do and move on, we constantly review your website SEO status, introduce any new techniques that become apartment as search engines advance, recommend alternative external methods that will prove to be of benefit.

Websites change every day, Don' let your website be left behind.